An audio recording interface with several options for tweaking and manipulating sound input

An audio recording interface with several options for tweaking and manipulating sound input

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Sound Recorder Professional is a Windows program to record voices and other sounds.

Sound Recorder Professional—or Sound Recorder Pro as it is referred within the program—is a digital sound recorder for Windows. It supports numerous sources, so if you have a sound card and a video card that supports sound, for instance, this program would enumerate those devices as well as the individual audio streams they were delivering so that you could isolate the sound you want.

This software also supports practically any external input this device. An input device could be an MP3 player, a smartphone or even a media box. Other supported devices include microphones, external DACs and AMPs, cassette players, televisions, webcams and so on and so forth. Inputs do not have to be physical. Examples of supported virtual inputs include webpages and music streaming clients.

Sound Recorder Pro supports a wide range of audio file types as well and you can record into these directly. This avoids a second conversion step since the conversion is done on the fly. You can record a lossless stream or you can compress into Flac, MP3, Ogg, WMA and many other formats. The program also features automatic and manual gain control as well as many other configuration options.

Scheduling is also supported via an integrated recording scheduler. Recording sessions can be schedule on a one-time basis or a recurring basis and for particular days and times. Picture a scenario in which there is a particular radio show on daily that does not podcast, but you are at work at that time. You can just set up this program to turn on with that audio stream and record it for you.

The program also offers Easy Wizard mode, which is a nice touch. Sound Recorder Pro is a relatively sophisticated and powerful recording engine. But not everyone who uses this program is going to possess technical experience. Many are just casual PC users who want to record sound from a particular source, and this wizard does a good job of making that happen with minimal fuss.

Sound Recorder Pro does what it sets out to do well, but be mindful that this is just a trial. If you want to continue using the software, then you will need to pay for it. While we are not against paying for worthwhile software, this pricing seems a bit high relative to comparable apps.

In addition, the developer offers “download protection,” which rubs us the wrong way. Purchasing Sound Recorder Pro lets you download it from the website once. Once! Should you misplace that installation, you are out of luck—unless of course you purchase download protection, which “stores a copy” of the software you purchased on the servers. Pfft!


  • Digital audio recorder
  • Supports numerous sources
  • Easy Wizard mode


  • Pricey
  • Download protection

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